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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Harvest in Mid-July!

We have had great weather in Israel this year. From well-needed rain coming at unexpected times to the glorious sun that we almost always have above us. This not only makes life pleasant, but it causes fruits, vegetables and all plant life to grow and thrive.

Jay and Meridel have always planted, and planted some more, in their small garden. They utilize the borders around the yard, and every little corner that a spade of earth can occupy.

The varieties of things that sprout and grow is amazing. Apart from beautiful flowers and trees one can find bushes of herbal tea to olives, pomegranates and clementines~there is always something to find and enjoy.

This week the grapes along the arbor and around the fence are more than ready to be harvested. The birds have already noticed and begun their own picking. Early in the morning, Jay and Meridel pulled out the ladders and clippers to began bringing in the luscious clusters of sweet, beautiful grapes to munch on and make into juice.

Enjoying the fruits of one's labours is very satisfying. When the "harvest" takes place in the early morning, when the dew is barely dry, the air fresh and cool, it adds to the overall joy of the event. A time of laughter and joy and fellowship!

...Here it is!

The first glass of freshly pressed grape juice!

Pure, Natural Goodness from God's Own Land!

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