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Monday, November 09, 2015

~ 7 ~ Do Not Commit Adultery

The last five commandments deal with how we must treat other human beings. We are familiar with the saying~treat others as you would treat yourself, but that does not always include the rules that God set down for us in the Ten Commandments.

Why do the Ten Commandments single out adultery as particularly harmful? Because adultery can destroy the foundational unit of a society~the family. If exposed, adultery leads to a sense of betrayal. If hidden, it forces the offending spouse to lie. Children are often the unintended victims. This may be one of the most difficult Biblical laws to follow, but it's also one of the most important...Dennis Prager

In the below video, we see a simple and easy to understand meaning behind the Seventh Commandment. In these days of free-thinking and acceptance of loose moral values, this commandment strives to protect the core of our civilization~The Family.

~7~ Do Not Commit Adultery

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