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Sunday, November 29, 2015

~ 10 ~ Do Not Covet

In the past months we have posted the series "The Ten Commandments" (See Below for Links). Today we give you the final, and only "thought" commandment of "Do Not Covet".

Of all the 613 commandments, and in fact the entire Bible, this is the only one that regulates thought! The reason for this commandment is that when one holds "thoughts of coveting" this will almost always lead to the breaking others. Why is this so?

According to the Hebrew, coveting refers to "wanting to the point of seeking to take away and own" what belongs to another person. It is this type of "coveting thought" that leads to commission of more serious crimes.

There is only one Commandment that prohibits a thought, and it is this: "Do not covet." Why does the Bible, which is preoccupied with behavior, legislate a thought? Because to covet, to want what belongs to someone else, is the root of the preceding four commandments and often leads to evil. Before someone murders, steals, lies, or commits adultery, the desire to take what is rightly someone else's~coveting usually comes first...Dennis Prager

We hope you have enjoyed listening to the Ten Commandments. In these fast moving times, while many lament the number of bad things that appear on the internet, we hope this thought-provoking series will provide one example of how the "Word of the Lord" can be shared around the world.

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