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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Pastor Umar Mulinde Tells of His Progress and More...

Over the past weeks we have posted stories and two touching interviews with our friend, Pastor Umar Mulinde and his lovely wife, Evelyn.

As we stated before, anyone who speaks with this man will come away changed inside. Despite the turmoil in his life, he has remained calm, straight thinking and even more devoted to his faith.

* If you want to see the earlier interviews with the pastor and his wife, Evelyn, the links are below the video.

Last week, David and Daniel went to visit the pastor and talk to him about his progress. They asked him about the issue of Bible Translators removing God and Son of God from Muslim translations of Scripture. Pastor Mulinde has a very firm opinion on this subject and explained the importance of Not changing scripture.

We are all looking forward to the complete healing of our dear friend. Refuah Shleimah...

Please Continue to Pray for 
Pastor Umar Mulinde, his lovely wife Evelyn and their six children...

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immaculate namukwaya said...

i really pray for my pastor and i waiting for the full recovery puls adding the financal support