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Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Muslim Orgies of Violence--From a Former PA Terrorist

Walid Shoebat grew up to be a young terrorist. Somewhere along the line he discovered Christianity, left the life of terror behind and started anew in the US. He left the PLO many years ago and never killed any Americans so is not on any wanted lists. Now he speaks out against terror. I have heard many of his lectures and he is truthful. Listen to this short clip at 3:31 he tells that the lies were even taught in the Christian schools "I went to 3rd grade and 4th grade to a Christian School, and what did I learn in the Christian school? IJesus was a Palestinian Revolutionist". (Note: (1)The UNWRA schools are staffed with Palestinians--many pro-PLO and Hamas--who buy into the lie, as do the Arab Christians and (2) the man sitting behind Walid is Rabbi Tovia Singer who lives in the Old City, Jerusalem). Pay attention to what this man is saying. Things are not always what the liberal media tries to make you believe.

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