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Sunday, February 04, 2018

You C.A.N. Help Abused and Trafficked Children!

In March of 2016, we posted a trailer and story of a new production on Nepal that the Rawlings family were working on called, "You CAN make a Difference".

The project focuses on the plight of sexually abused and trafficked children in Nepal.

Meridel Rawlings (Still Small Voice) has made it her life's work to comfort, and help rehabilitate all those who have been victims of horrible abuse. In December 2017, we posted Part I of Meridel's own "life journey" and her "battle to overcome"  in "Speaking Out." In this amazing story, Meridel tells us:

“In childhood I was silenced by control, fear, shame and conflict.
It took decades for my voice to be sounded”...Meridel Rawlings

Now, Meridel is speaking out and acting to "give a voice to the voiceless". Both Jay and Meridel Rawlings have been working for several years to assist in setting up a non-profit organization to aid the tremendous work taking place in Nepal. Below is Part I, in English with Norwegian sub-titles.

For More Information on How You Can Help Go To:   Change Action Nepal  website

Here is Part I of C.A.N (Change Action Nepal) With Norwegian Subtitles

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