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Thursday, January 25, 2018

Save the Christians: The Forgotten Refugees

This film is a first access look into the lives of Iraqi Christians who, under threat of death from ISIS, were forced to flee their ancestral homeland.

While the international community has opened its doors to Syrian (muslim) refugees, it ignores the Christian genocide happening right before its eyes. 

The few who make it to refugee camps, are targeted for violence. Those seeking a safe haven are routinely shunned by Western governments~just check the immigration figures. The suffering Christians of Iraq have nowhere left to run to.

Why is the world ignoring these refugees? Why are the Christians of the world remaining silent to their suffering at they same time they open churches to be used a mosques? Why?

Remember the often repeated statement: “First the Saturday People (Jews), then the Sunday People (Christians),” which means “first we kill the Jews, then we kill the Christians.” Take a good hard, honest look at the Middle East now. The Jews have already been driven out of every country except Israel and now the Christians are facing the same fate. The choices are convert or die. Those who still have the means and ability are trying to flee. 

Even resettlement is being denied them now, as the muslim populations are rapidly growing across Europe and the west and the government elites seem to have chosen sides. Check the immigration records of each country and compare the numbers of muslim and Christians allowed in. There is an appalling lack of Christians.

Ask yourself this:

   1)  What will you do in the west when you are eventually faced with the choices (convert or die)?  

   2)  What are you prepared to do NOW to help your suffering Christian brothers and sisters?

To read more about the making of the move go to Rebel Media. Those of you interested in attending the movie screening can find all the information at Eventbrite

Note: Facebook Refused To Allow an Ad for This Film~Tell Everyone to Go See It!

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