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Monday, December 21, 2015

Byzantine Hymn of the Nativity~Sung in Arabic

Now, more than ever as Christians are being "cleansed" from their lands in the middle-east we need to be aware of  "where" the original Christians lived and worshiped since the birth of Christ. 

Regardless of what "wiki" sites say, the first Christians originated, and have remained in their lands in the Middle-East, until today. 

Sadly, we are seeing these stalwart believers being tortured and murdered for their faith. 

What is the Christian world doing about it? Where are the voices of the UN, EU and most importantly, the Church?

If we do not act now, an entire people (faith) will be removed from the Middle-East. This year, this Christmas, All Christians need to stand up and demand that tradition and freedom of worship be protected and upheld. Those who would oppress must be stopped! It cannot be, that the birth of Jesus is met with violence, bloodshed and the threat of extinction of the very people and faith that His Birth brought into our world!

Byzantine Hymn of the Nativity Sung in Arabic~With English Lyrics

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