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Monday, October 12, 2015

Terror in Israel~This is Our Life (Only Four Days Worth)

Photo Credit: TAZPIT
The terror attacks in Israel are so frequent that only the most severe are reported, and even then, the world press manages to re-phrase the attacks to make it appear that Jews are killing Arabs. 

This is not true! 

There are people whose homes are attacked each day. Many Jews are afraid to leave their homes. It is telling, that in one neighbourhood last Shabbat, the Arabs were strolling freely through the streets and having Bar-B-Que in the parks, while the Jews were closed in their homes with the shutters down. Jews can't even sit outside on their balcony for fear of Molotov cocktails and stoning.

In a stabbing last week in the Old City of Jerusalem, two men died, a two year old toddler and mother were injured. When the mother tried to run for help, the Arabs in the surrounding shops and on the streets, spit, pushed, kicked and abused her. This is the reality.

Below is a screen capture of a poster listing "some" of the attacks that took place over a four day period. Keep in mind that the majority of terror attacks are not even mentioned. Is it any wonder that the Police and IDF are shooting back? Would you sit back and be murdered??

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