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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Yazidi Woman Speaks of Escape From the Brutality of ISIS

For centuries, the Yazidi tribe, a Kurdish community living in Iraq’s Nineveh province have been persecuted for their religious beliefs. For the past month, they’ve been the target of ISIS. It appears that the murderous goal of ISIS is nothing short of genocide.

A dear family friend, Christian Stephen, travelled to Iraq and viewed first hand the horrors that are taking place. In a report to RYOT, he has provided a personal insight to the barbaric brutality taking place. To quote from Christian's report for RYOT:

As ISIS kidnaps Yazidi women, mass-executes Yazidi men, and crucifies innocent Yazidi children, the Yazidi tribe tries to flee their home before it’s too late.

RYOT has reporter Christian Stephen on the ground in Iraq, where he talked with a brave Yazidi woman who escaped the militants’ clutches and who now dares to speak out about what’s happening to her people.

Do take the time to watch and listen carefully to Christian's first hand report. As we enter into Shabbat, we ask you to pray for those oppressed by ISIS. We request you to specifically remember, and pray daily for Christian Stephen, a precious young man who continues place himself in great danger in his efforts to bring the truth to light.

This is What ISIS Does~Is Doing~And Will Continue to Do~They Are Truly Evil!

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