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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Christian Asylum Seekers to be Deported to Iran~Unbelievable!

In an astounding report, CBN tells the story of Iranian Christian asylum seekers who left Islam, but are now to be deported back to Iran, where they will face torture and even death. Who would condemn them to this fate? Sweden~Yes, Sweden.

Swedish immigration lawyer Gabriel Donner, said Sweden has a badly run asylum process and, in some cases, an anti-Christian bias...There's a lot of bias regarding Christian converts because the standard argument is, "Well, nobody converts to Christianity out of true belief. Why would anyone do anything of the sort?"

It is inconceivable that Sweden would take such an irresponsible approach to the lives of these people, while at the same time the PM stated that "Sweden is in need of more immigration to sustain its future welfare"...

You can read the complete story HERE. At the end of the article there are seven questions that CBN asked the Swedish Migration board~along with their callous response. 

One has to ask why Sweden welcomes tens of thousands of Muslims who are destroying the country, yet Christians are turned away! Truly, our world is descending into madness...Pray for these poor people to be protected!

Christian Asylum Seekers to be Deported

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