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Thursday, October 04, 2012

Memories~Send In The Clowns

As the weekend approaches we leave you with a brief flash from the past, with all its memories, grainy though they may be. 

While most people know Frank Sinatra~even in these days~I wonder...How many of you can identify the faces of the "clowns" that cross the screen (starting at 0:27)? If you don't know of them, do take some time to search online and enjoy their antics~relax and laugh!

Bask in a time when people did not have to use "four-letter words",  to be entertaining, women did not "bare all" and intimate relations were "implied". Families consisted of a mother, a father and children. The Lord's Prayer was said in schools and the Flag was saluted and respected. Yes, they did smoke on screen (horrors), but is that so much worse than the foul, immoral conduct of our current day, so-called stars? Are there any comedians or actors who can do a performance without swearing, posing nude, or having illicit relationships in front of the cameras or on stage?

Yes, It Is A Good Question~Where Are the Clowns??

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