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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Nepal My Love~Working to Fight Child Trafficking

Here is a sneak preview of some still photos from the movie project on Nepal that the Rawlings family are working on called, "You CAN make a Difference". It is about combatting human trafficking and sexual abuse of children in this beautiful "rooftop of the world" mountain kingdom. 

Jay is currently writing the script and found some pictures he thought you would like to see.  They were taken during a 17 km trek up towards the Annapurna range of the Himalaya Mountains. It was there that Meridel, Chris and David met (by chance) a young man and his sickly mother. As you will see, they met other special people as well, young and old alike.

One of the many joys for Meridel was when she was able to buy shoes and socks for several young children who had "never" had their own shoes or socks!

If you would like to help us complete this vital media project please donate via the PayPal button to the right  or visit our website where you can donate online via PayPal, a secure way to give that accepts most credit cards...Thanks.

Nepal My Love by Jay Rawlings

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