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Monday, June 30, 2014

Proud Israeli~Arab Teen Sends A Strong Message to All

Mohammad Zoabi is a sixteen year old with stong opinions and a maturity far beyond his years.

When three teens were kidnapped while on their way home from school, many muslims celebrated and the media was flooded with images of the "three finger salute".

The entire country has been united in prayer; family and friends wait; musicians are suddenly inspired, and politicians (of course) are trying to get their "bonus points" in while they can.

Meanwhile, Mohammad's young voice has risen above the rest. Yes, he is only sixteen (the same age as two of the kidnapped youths) but he speaks with the confidence, and strength of one much older. He is Israeli, but more than that, he describes himself as Israeli, Zionist, Arab, Muslim~in that order.

Mohammad is a relative of the vile anti-Israel MK, Hanan Zoabi. You may recognize her name from her presence on the Mavi Marmara boat which attemped to break through to Gaza. You can also read about her screeching, treasonous, threats against the very country that pays her wages and allows her, an Arab woman, to sit as an elected member of the Knesset!

Recently a video was posted by Mohammad Zoabi on the kidnapping of the three Israeli teenagers by terrorists. Although he is still in his teens himself, this young man speaks three languages (the message is in English, Hebrew and Arabic) and has very strong opinions about Israel, and loyalty to one's country.

Needless to say, because he called for the teens to be released, and because he is proud to be an Israeli, he is under threat. Reports are that his own family has been threatening him, and Israeli police have already arrested several people.

Below is the message he was forced to post after his life was threatened, and following that, the video of his message on the kidnappings that caused such outrage. If only those in positions of power had such strength of character...

Please Pray for the Safety of This Young Man!

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