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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Israel, Iran and The Bible~A New Teaching DVD

We are pleased to announce the completion of Jerusalem Vistas~Israel Vision's new Teaching DVD titled:

Israel, Iran and The Bible: God's Prophetic Time Clock 

On a daily basis we read about the threat presented by the conflict between Iran and Israel. Dr. Jay Rawlings examines the Bible for insight from the scriptures and Biblical Prophecy. Israel is God's Time Clock, and in this new DVD, the only authoritative source (The Bible) is our guide to find out exactly "what time it is now". With a nuclear middle east on the horizon, these "signs of the times" are becoming more and more frightening.

The entire series will be available on DVD for purchase from 01 September. Meanwhile, we will be posting portions for your viewing on this Blog. Below you will find Part 1~The Introduction. In the following days the remaining sections will be available~you will not want to miss them.

Israel and Iran~God's Prophetic Time Clock, is a timely and sobering analysis of Middle East tensions. We hope and pray that the signs of impending disaster are wrong...

Part 1~Introduction
Israel, Iran and The Bible: God's Prophetic Time Clock

Links to All 8 Parts:

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