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Monday, August 22, 2011

Welcome to ShariaTube...

Anyone who values freedom of speech and expression should watch this clip. The full story is on Bare Naked Islam's blog. The site that is the subject of this censorship is Acts17 Apologetics website: Answering Muslims

Friends, this is disturbing in so many ways. From the "re-writing of history" (in favor of Islam) to the removal of "all criticism of of Islam" from the Internet, we face a clear and present danger. It matters not if you agree with what Acts 17 site is saying. What matters is that their right to say  it (as well as the rights of anybody who says "anything" not agreeable to Islam) is being censored. If we do not stop this creeping sharia, we will all be silenced. Do not surrender you freedom of speech and the right to be critical~Make Your Voice Heard!

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