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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Real Nakba~The Jewish Nakba

The true nakba (catastrophe) is the continued failure of the "Palestinian" Arab community to accept Israel's existence as a Jewish state, and to make peace.

The term "Jewish Nakba" refers to the persecution and expulsion of Jews from Arab countries in the years and decades following the creation of the State of Israel. The Jewish Nakba was a long line of slaughters, of pogroms, of property confiscation and of deportations against Jews in Islamic countries.

This chapter of history has been left in the shadows~downplayed~ignored.  

The Arab League rejection of the 1947 Partition Plan and its resulting attack and war against the new born state of Israel was responsible not only for the estimated 500,000 Arab refugees, but also for the 1,000,000 (1 Million) Jewish refugees who were driven out of Arab countries after all of their property and assets were taken.
We are inundated with the plight of the Palestinian refugees, yet little to nothing is said about the Jews who fled from Arab states. Many of their communities dated back 2,500 years. Throughout 1947 and 1948 these Jews were persecuted~Their property and belongings were confiscated~There were anti-Jewish riots in Egypt, Libya, Syria, and Iraq--In Iraq, Zionism was made a capital crime!

Approximately 600,000 Jews found their way to the State of Israel. They were destitute,  but they were absorbed into the society and are an integral part of the state. 

The truth is that an exchange of populations took place between Arab and Jewish refugees, but, where the Jewish refugees from Arab countries became full Israeli citizens, the Arab refugees who fled their homes (at the instructions of their leaders), have remained "refugees" to this day, unaided by the Arab countries hosting them. Israel closed its "refugee camps" giving citizenship to the Arabs within.

Little is heard about the Jewish refugees because they did not remain refugees--they became full, functioning, contributing members of society.

You can learn more about their story at the excellent Blog, Point of No Return. Do go there and read the stories, watch the videos, look at the pictures--then ask yourself these questions: 
~ Why,  after 63 years does the UN still support 5 Million "Arab Refugees" when thier own neighboring Arab countries will not even allow them the most basic of rights?, and
~ Why, when Israel already absorbed Jewish and Arab refugees does the world demand they turn their tiny slip of land over to those who declare openly that their goal is to destroy Israel?

Has Good become Evil and Evil become Good?

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