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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Canadian Bloggers are Being Threatened !

This Post Re-Printed with Permission: The blogging world contains a wealth of information and I spend a good deal of time reading a number of outstanding blogs. Each of the sites mentioned in this post have a track record for consistently good reporting and are recommended reading.
Coming to a City Near You...

While reading Mesopotamia West I found this item: At least two Canadian bloggers have received death threats from a woman by the name of Afarin Maleki-Raei.The first threat went to blogger Blazing Cat Fur..."I vow I will avenge my family's honor, in the name of Allah. I will make a formal complaint Monday to the OHRC and they will handle you. You will be arrested by those respected detectives. Even if it takes every penny I have or I have to sell my skin I will get you. You will know what suffering means you dirty Zionist garage. [sic]"

And the second went to The Propagandist after it reported on the first threat: "You will see the power and glory our family has in this country. This isn't Gaza strip where you can bully and murder innocents because of your weapons supplied by your Xristian [sic] blood thirsty friends. This is Canada. Islamic Canada. We Iranians have built up in 10 years what you Zionist pigs could not achieve in 50 in Toronto. And this is what scares you.I asked you nicely to remove all references to my family. You did not comply now you will deal with the glorious and brutal York Regional Police. I declare a Fatwa on you and your loved ones. That means we can strike anytime, any place and their blood will be your issue. I told you the consequences will be dire and they will. I suspect you will see the first of it this week."

Mesopotamia West also notes that there is a history behind the threats..."There's more to this story, and this family, judging by this post"...

Apparently the site at the link, Toronto Auto Station Scam was set up to deal with the scams and harassment of this family of "Immigrants".--I found this in their sidebar: "If you have been harassed, scammed, or threatened by the owners of Toronto Auto Station or any member of the Maleki (re: Maleki-Raei) family, please share your story and contact us at: correspondence will be kept confidential. If you have any documents you would like us to post we will edit out all personal information to protect your safety."

From Blazing Cat Fur
Blazing Cat Fur has posted about this here (dirty Zionist Garage) and again here (Finally! My Own Fatwa!). Blazing Cat Fur also gives the email of the individual involved,

As you can see there is a long history and you need to follow the links  and read it all. I find it  troubling that these people come into a free, democratic country as immigrants, milk the system, cheat,  and for some reason, when exposed, are very comfortable to publicly use and print names of police officers  while sending out threats...umm and what are these police officers doing about this? Why is this lunatic Iranian throwing out their names so freely? I also find it disturbing to see them claim "This is Canada. Islamic Canada." Excuse Me?? What is Happening in Canada!

Wake up people because Creeping Sharia is picking up speed and using political correctness is like pouring gasoline on a fire.

Time to stand up and insist that Canadian Law is upheld--and I do believe it is illegal to break  Canada's laws and  then use the names of Canadian police officers to threaten those that expose criminal activities.

I will not print the officers' names, but they are given on the sites in the post. To that end, I encourage everyone to visit the sites and support the bloggers who expose this evil infiltration--they are on the front lines of the battle...but we will all be next unless we stamp out this darkness that is invading the free world.

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